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C. No. Poles Type C. No. Type Pkg.
SEL-1 S.P. (6A. to 32A.) B. SEL-19 C 12Pcs.
SEL-2 S.P. (40A.) B SEL-20 C 12Pcs.
SEL-3 S.P. (63A.) B SEL-21 C 12Pcs.
SEL-4 S.P&N. (6A. to 32A.) B SEL-22 C 6 Pcs.
SEL-5 S.P&N. (40A.) B SEL-23 C 6 Pcs.
SEL-6 S.P&N. (63A.) B SEL-24 C 6 Pcs.
SEL-7 D.P. (6A. to 32A.) B SEL-25 C 6 Pcs.
SEL-8 D.P. (40A.) B SEL-26 C 6 Pcs.
SEL-9 D.P. (63A.) B SEL-27 C 6 Pcs.
SEL-10 T.P. (6A. to 32A.) B SEL-28 C 4 Pcs.
SEL-11 T.P. (40A.) B SEL-29 C 4 Pcs.
SEL-12 T.P. (63A.) B SEL-30 C 4 Pcs.
SEL-13 T.P.&N (6A. to 32A.) B SEL-31 C 3 Pcs.
SEL-14 T.P.&N (40A.) B SEL-32 C 3 Pcs.
SEL-15 T.P.&N (63A.) B SEL-33 C 3 Pcs.
SEL-16 F.P. (6A. to 32A.) B SEL-34 C 3 Pcs.
SEL-17 F.P. (40A.) B SEL-35 C 3 Pcs.
SEL-18 F.P. (63A.) B SEL-36 C 3 Pcs.


curve B & C curve B & C curve B & C curve B & C


Tripping Curves

B and C curves as in standard IEC 898- 1995. The operating range of the magnetic release is as follows:

for B curve : between 3 In and 5 In
for C curve : betwen 5 In and 10 In

The curves show the cold thermal tripping limits when poles are charged and the electromagnetic tripping limits with 2 charged poles.

Salient Features :

  • 10 KA Breaking Capacity for the entire range.
  • Totally confirms to latest standards IEC 898-1995/IS:8828-1996.
  • Lowest power consumption, Thus cost effective and energy saving.
  • Shrouded terminals are finger safe.
  • High Impact fire retardant thermoplastic material for extra
    strength & Insulation.
  • Snapped on to a symmetric rail DIN 46277 (35 mm).
  • Electrical and mechanical endurance well above the specified limits.
  • Can be fitted in any of the regular distribution board.
  • Dual Protection.
    Thermal overload protection.
    Magnetic short- circuit protection.

Dimensions in (mm)

Power Loss

The table below gives the power loss of the devices in watts for each rating per pole, for the rated current

Rating A
Selvo MCB
6 10 16 20 25 32 40 50 63
1.91 1.4 2.05 2.2 2.31 3.28 3.52 4.5 5.56